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Help Your Subscribers Generate High Quality Leads That Engage With Their Offers, Websites, and Products....

Use my easy 3 step method, in generating leads using tiktok media buying.  Sharing you the secret sauce to how to generate leads in any niche. 

  • 16th August

    11:00 AM EST - 22 August Midnight. 

  • 6 day launch On Warrior+

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  • World Class Premium Info Course by DPAPA

  • Networking With 1000+ Like Minded Entrepreneurs

  • 8 Hours Of Insane Value Towards Your Growth

  • TikBank Goes Live In:










    What Is TikBank Exactly?

    Turn Your Online Systems Into A Revenue Generating Powerhouse In Just A Few Steps By implementing these steps you can instantly see an impact on your email list building.

    You'll be able to start building an email list in any niche, over night. And over the period of 2 to 4 weeks you can see profits coming in.

    I have tried and tested this system for a few months now, in various niches, and have made it seamless to fit with any online business just by following these 3 steps.

    In my over the shoulder's training, I show people how to set up their campaigns, and how to get them kickstarted with a brand new email list, in any niche, (supported by tiktok media platform) overnight.  

    Many people do not know the secret sauce, and they go wasting money on clicks that don't really convert.  I figured it out and after hearing others, that leads from tiktok are dead, I beg to differ. 

    I found the secret blueprint, that I'm able to take already done content, to build leads using the tiktok media platform, easily and over night. It's become my little ATM Machine, where i turn it on, and it just builds my email list over night.  

    Launch Schedule

    This is our event schedule and the entire event will proceed as per the timeline given below. Please Join us for a chance to win $1,000 in cash prizes for promoting this TikBank Course. 

    • Start

    • Launch Details: 

      11am on August 16th we kickstart

      Contest for $1,000 Begins.

    • First Prize $600

    • Second Prize $300

    • Third Prize $100

    • Main Launch Ends

      11.59 pm On August 22nd

      Offer will go evergreen, and price will go up to $47. 

    • Make sure you inform your subscribers of the real scarcity in place.

    • Please use your own bonuses 

    • Contact me for your Review Access

    • I reciprocate to all my top 10 on my leaderboard.  

    • End

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    All affiliates are welcome to join, however, bad stats, and lies on your application, will get you disapproved instantly. 









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    The Coach and Mentor Teaching This

    Meet Demetris, the creator behind Tikbank.

      Demetris Papadopoulos

      Product Creator, affiliate marketer, Influencer.

      Demetris Papadopoulos, has built a 6 figure business online with both affiliate marketing, and product creation.   He's responsible for high quality digital products and software solutions helping newbie affiliate marketers with their journey online, based on real proof of results. 

    The Funnel

    Here is the Funnel for this Course

    Front End

    Basic Training

  • Training Modules

  • Real Case Studies

  • DFY Materials 

  • $17

    OTO 1

    DFY Materials

  • DFY Landers

  • DFY Reports

  • DFY Videos

  • DFY Ads

  • $27

    OTO 3

    Inner Circle

  • 4 1hr Calls

  • Private Coaching Group

  • Real Case Studies

  • DFY Ads and Materials

  • $97

    OTO 2

    Tiktok Advanced 

    • Advanced Strategies (other Paid Traffic Sources)

    • Using Chat GPT

    • Spying Tactics

    • Free Traffic


    Location & Contact

    This event is going to launch on the Warrior+ Platform. For any query you may call or email us at the below mentioned contacts.

  • Warrior+

  • Limitlesspassionltd.com

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    Join me and my partners to promote this premium info course to your subscribers.   This is unique and no one is teaching this right now.  I've tested it out, and I know what you need to be doing right now to get started.

    AUGUST 16th from 11:00 AM EST and Ends on August 22nd at Midnight

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